The US government has officially recognized a new mobile radar capable of tracking hypersonic missiles, drones, and fifth-generation combat jets with pinpoint accuracy.

Northrop Grumman’s latest long-range radar has been designated the AN/TPY-5(V)1, making it the newest air-surveillance radar available to the US military and its allies.

According to the company, the AN/TPY-5(V)1 features advanced electronic protection and a “high degree of mobility” to ensure improved survivability in a complex battlespace.

With enhanced surveillance capability, the radar also features advanced software-defined architecture, allowing regular updates to counter emerging threats.

“AN/TPY-5(V)1’s size and form factor have been optimized for expeditionary operation on a modern, global battlefield, making its intrinsic capability to self-deploy, emplace and displace in minutes – a key discriminator compared to other systems,” Northrop stated in a press release.

The multi-mission radar has already been demonstrated in multiple test events, further verifying its “proven performance.”