Israeli defense firm Elbit Systems has unveiled its Range Extension & Smart Tail (REST) kit for air-to-surface warheads.

The cutting-edge range extension and guidance kit was showcased during the Eurosatory defense expo 2022 in Paris.

According to the company, the REST transforms warheads into “high penetration standoff precision” munitions to support air force missions.

The kit features a “smart” tail, global positioning system (GPS) navigation computer, and anti-jamming system.

It also enables the integration of weapon systems into aircraft without an avionics upgrade.

With pinpoint “fire and forget” capability, the device can assist warheads in striking targets up to 120 kilometers (74.6 miles) away, even in adverse weather conditions.

“Accuracy, standoff, and penetration capabilities become paramount to air-to-surface operations,” Elbit Systems General Manager Yehuda Vered said. “The REST kit attracts the attention of Air Forces as many of them increasingly seek solutions that enable to efficiently transform warhead stockpiles into munitions that are more relevant to evolving operational needs.”

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