Terrorism is a political phenomenon created by some Western political regimes and then attached to Judaism, Christianity and Islam for political gains and agendas, the Grand Imam of Egypt’s Al-Azhar, Ahmed El-Tayyeb, announced yesterday.

Speaking at a meeting with a delegation from the United Kingdom’s Royal College of Defence Studies, Al-Tayyeb said that his institution had included counterterrorism and counter radicalism subjects in its syllabuses.

Al-Azhar is the world’s most prominent institution of Sunni Islamic learning.

“Over decades, the culture of Al-Azhar has been based on bringing up its students on respecting the different opinions,” the Islamic cleric stressed.

He pointed out that Al-Azhar had established the so-called Egyptian Family House along with the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church in 2011 initiatives, with the aim “to promote good relations between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.”

On their part, the British delegates said that the meeting of major religious leaders was “embodying the truth of the heavenly religions while representing a blocking wall against any attempts to brainwash people’s minds.”