Ankara is particularly pleased with the agreement concluded with Qatar under which they are essentiallyacquiring36 state-of-the-art fighters which they will be able to use against the Greek Air Force.

In fact, not only the Herdogans are happy, but also the Kemalists.

According to the pro-government Turkish newspaper Millyet, CHP MP Unal Cevikioz said that Turkish pilots will now be able to train on the new air force fighter.

We will not bring the French aircraft that Qatar is using to train them, but we will be trained by them in the use of the Rafale. How will the battle be fought against the Rafale that Greece will acquire from the French?

So this is an important step to learn it. This military intelligence is something we should applaud. “

Qatars state-of-the-art fighters (ranging from the F-15, to the Rafale F. 3 and the Eurofighter) will be fully equipped for operationsagainst common enemiesif required (this would require additional approval by the legislatures of both countries)!

Qatari pilots will also be trained for joint operations and will carry out joint missions with the Turkish armed forces!

In another article of the agreement, Qatar is essentially turned into a huge Turkish military base with the Arab country providing the Turkish armed forces with all the facilities required for the Turkish military forces deployed in the Gulf state!

Turkey already has a large military base with a brigade based in the rich Arab state.

A first problem for Greece is that Turkey willlearn the Rafale well, as it had learned the Mirage 2000 in the 1990s in joint exercises with the Egyptian Air Force at that time.

Also the Qatari transport aircraft fleet is put at the disposal of the Turkish armed forces for transport around the world! From the Turkish military bases in Libya and Somalia, to Syria, Azerbaijan, of course Qatar, etc.

This fleet includes, among others, 8 C-17 strategic transport aircraft!

Qatar also buys a large number of Bayraktar drones, Altay tanks, etc.

Turkey guarantees Qatars national security and automatically becomes a regulator and guarantor in the Gulf region.

And all this comes after the colossal financial support deal for Turkey by the United Arab Emirates with an immediate payment of 10 billion. EUR 10 billion in an economic cooperation fund and a further EUR 10 billion in a fund for the European Union. euros in other investments with the two countries.