According to a report on the Mondafrique website, a large part of the UAE Mirage-2000 9/EAD/RAD fleet will end up in Morocco and the UAE has offered the planes completely free of charge.

Reinforcement of the Greek Air Force - 43 Mirage fighters return to the air
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Earlier, the same news was published in a Spanish newspaper. At the time, the report was neither confirmed by official sources nor denied. Mondafrique said, citing a “well-informed source”, that the agreement between Morocco and the UAE was a fact and that Morocco would acquire most of these fighters without giving a number. reminds us that the Emirates is currently operating with 59 units of the French fighter.

The Spanish newspaper reported on the concession of Mirage-2000 9/EAD/RAD from the UAE to Morocco and Egypt but did not specify the number for each country. The French website meta-Defense, which deals with the issue, said Morocco would receive 34 aircraft.

The Mondafrique report states that preparations for the acceptance of the aircraft have already begun, but with an unknown arrival date, and that the training of pilots and technicians has already begun. “Two weeks ago, technicians were sent to the UAE for training. The delivery of the planes will take place gradually.”

UAE and F-35

Morocco acquires UAE Mirage 2000 fighters completely free of charge-f-35
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According to the online portal Yousef Al-Otayba, the UAE ambassador to Washington has confirmed that the purchase of the F-35 is still under discussion as part of the defense channels between the United States and the UAE.

According to Tactical Report, State Department advisers are urging that strategic defense relations between Washington and Abu Dhabi be maintained to secure US positions in the Middle East. This stability includes the acquisition of fighters.