At theEDEX 2021defence material exhibition taking place in Cairo, Egypt, the configuration of Egyptian frigates classified as general purpose was presented.

Yesterday, the Alexandria shipyards officially announced the start of construction work on the first frigate to be built in Egypt.

The armament of the German MEKO A200 frigates is particularly impressive, consisting of the large number of guided anti-ship surface missiles (16 Exocet Block IIIC in total), the modern design and philosophy of the MICA NG medium range missiles (32 in number), the 127 mm Oto Melara gun with Italian Leonardo Vulcano ammunition, MU90 torpedoes for conducting anti-submarine operations and remote-controlled armament stations for addressing asymmetric threats.

The MEKO A200′s radar is the rotating 3D NS-110 radar (version of the NS-100) from Thales and a sliding sonar. Also on board is a full suite of ESM and ECM systems.