In a hypothetical scenario leading to World War III, Russia would have five powerful countries on its side, which would allow it to respond to the US and NATO, reports the Daily Express.

NATO has no plans yet to intervene in a special military operation in Ukraine, as it fears the start of a larger confrontation. The North Atlantic Alliance is a strong alliance, but in the event of a global conflict, Russia will defend itself. Moreover, the Kremlin can rely on external support.

China and India

Beijing is neutral towards the special operation in Ukraine. It tries not to explicitly support either side. At the same time, China claims that its relations with Russia are at the level of astrategic partnership. In a hypothetical World War III, the DPRK would certainly fight alongside Moscow.

India continues to develop relations with Russia, despite US pressure. The state did not agree to impose sanctions against Moscow. The Kremlin is one of the largest arms exporters to New Delhi. The countries signed an agreement four years ago for the sale of $5. 43 billion worth of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems.

South Africa, Brazil and Mexico

South Africa has renewed its cooperation with the Kremlin. States are interacting more closely than ever before. The country has repeatedly noted that the West is constantly intimidating Russia. Moscow is trying to introduce peacekeeping positions into world politics.

Brazil and Mexico have shown their loyalty to Russia by not imposing restrictions. None of the states criticised Moscow as part of a special operation in Ukraine.

We are not going to impose economic restrictions because we want to have good relations with all the governments of the world,” said Mexican President Lopez Obrador.

It should be recalled that the special military operation was launched on 24 February. Its aim is the denazification and demilitarisation of the neighbouring state, as well as the protection of civilians in Donbas, who have beensubjected to genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years. The strikes are carried out exclusively on military infrastructure facilities, as well as on the accumulation sites of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The North Atlantic Alliance wants to include China in the Wests anti-Russian campaign. This was reported earlier in the material in the Chinese edition of the Global Times.