The United States of America plans to order and send to the Kiev regime ten drones of the newest Switchblade model, which are equipped with armoured destruction warheads, in addition to the deliveries of drones of the less powerful version already announced, Bloomberg reports.

The new Switchblade 600 is part of the additional 300 million worth of military equipment assistance. dollars, announced by the Pentagon on Friday. The new Switchblade model is capable of flying over 24 miles (39 kilometres) for 40 minutes before attacking the target.

Several Republican congressmen and senators have long pushed for the sending of these drones to Ukraine. After the massacre in Bukha, it seems that the decision to send them away was finally taken.

Switchblade drones are equipped with cameras that transmit real-time images. They are launched from tubes placed on the ground, open their wings in the air and end up bursting on the enemy target (acting as an anti-tank weapon, for example, hitting vehicles or enemy radars, etc. ), hence the designationkamikazethat has been given to them.

It is recalled that the US has already sent to Ukraine anti-tank (Javelin) and anti-aircraft systems (Stinger), but not fighter aircraft, while at the same time it has rejected Ukrainian demands for the imposition of a no-fly zone over the war-torn country on the grounds that this could lead to a direct US-Russian conflict and a third world war.