European Union antitrust regulators, on Friday, scrapped their investigation into Qatar Energy after evidence they collected did not confirm their initial concerns, Reuters reported.

“Today’s closure decision is based on a thorough analysis of all relevant evidence, including information received from Qatar Energy and the European gas importers,” the European Commission said in a statement.

Last month, Reuters exclusively reported that the state-owned company was no longer in the EU crosshairs.

The EU investigation, opened in 2018, focused on Qatar Energy’s supply agreements with European gas importers and their ability to sell liquefied natural gas in alternative destinations within Europe.

For its part, Qatar Energy welcomed the European Union’s decision to end the investigation into the LNG supply agreements.

“Over the past three and a half years, Qatar Energy worked closely with the Commission’s Directorate General for Competition and made sure that we responded transparently and cooperatively to all of their queries. We are fully supportive and satisfied with the outcome. As reiterated in the past, Qatar Energy remains committed to the highest levels of compliance with regulatory authorities in all geographical areas in which it operates,” the Company said in a statement.