The deputy leader of Fatah, Mahmoud Aloul, blamed Israel’s government policies for escalating tension in the occupied Palestinian territories, Al-Quds has reported. Aloul made his comment during a meeting with Germany’s Representative to Palestine, Oliver Owcza.

“The Israeli occupation causes the ongoing tension in the occupied Palestinian territories through the policies of its government,” he said. “Such policies include the cold-blooded killing of Palestinians, violations of Palestinian rights and the Judaisation of Jerusalem and its holy sites, as well as the increasing settler violence.”

The senior Fatah official pointed out that at least 20 Palestinians have been killed by Israelis since the start of 2022, including children and the elderly. He called for the international community to take up its responsibilities and stop its unilateral support for Israel’s brutal military occupation.

“Cordial and constructive meeting with Mahmoud Aloul,” tweeted Owcza afterwards. “We shared views on recent local and international developments.”