The Italian shipyard Fincantieri announced that the fourth and last Qatari Doha class corvette (F-104Sumaysimah) has been launched. The Doha class corvettes are MRC (Multi-Role Corvette) type vessels.

The first ship (F-101Al Zubarah) was launched in February 2020 and entered service in October 2021.

The second ship (F-102Damsah) was launched in February 2021, while the third ship (F-103Al Khor) was launched in September 2021. It should be noted that ships of this type are the basis for the development of the joint European programme EPC (European Patrol Corvette), in which Greece participates. The Doha is 107 metres long, 14. 7 metres wide and 4. 20 metres deep, with a displacement of 3,250 tonnes at full load.

Its maximum speed is 28 knots (52 kilometres per hour) and its range is 3,500 nautical miles (6,482 kilometres) with a cruising speed of 15 knots (28 kilometres per hour) or 21 days of continuous presence at sea. The propulsion system will be CODAD type, the manning requirements are 112 people and can support a NH-90 level helicopter.

The weapon combination chosen by Qatar is a 76 mm gun, 16 Aster-30 long-range Aster. 1NT anti-aircraft anti-ballistic missiles, a 21-position RAM close protection system, eight MM-40 Block. 3 Exocet anti-ship missiles, two 30 mm machine guns in remote-controlled Marlin turrets, torpedoes and four Sylena Mk. 2 self-protection systems. The shipsmain sensors are Kronos Naval radars, the Thesan propulsion sonar and the Athena combat management system.