MYKOLAIV: A Russian strike battered the regional government building in the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv, a key port under heavy assault for weeks, the regional governor said Tuesday.

“The regional administration building was hit,” governor Vitaly Kim wrote on Facebook. He said that most people inside the building had not been injured but several civilians and soldiers were unaccounted for.

“We’re clearing the rubble. Half the building was destroyed. My office was hit,” Kim said in a video statement.
Images posted to Telegram on the governor’s official channel showed a tall administrative building with a large section torn away and debris piled up at the base of the building.

“Eight civilians are still under the rubble. We hope to be able to get them out,” he said.
“We are also looking for three soldiers.”

Russian attacks on Mykolaiv, which had been under heavy assault for weeks, appeared to be easing recently.
The frontlines appeared to have receded from Mykolaiv, with a Ukrainian counteroffensive being mounted in Kherson, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) to the southeast.

“I was having breakfast in my apartment,” Donald, 69, from Canada, told AFP journalists in Mykolaiv.
“I heard a whoosh then a boom and my windows rattled.”

“It’s scary. We have been lucky here in Mykolaiv. We haven’t had that many explosions in the center of the city,” the retired Canadian postal worker with Ukrainian residency added.

Mykolaiv is a key city on the road to Odessa, Ukraine’s biggest port, and its capture would represent a serious gain in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that the Kremlin launched in late February.