CAIRO: Egypt has reiterated its support for Saudi Arabia and the UAE in taking all necessary measures to protect the security and safety of their peoples.

“Arab security is an indivisible whole, and Egyptian national security is closely linked to the security of the sister states in the Arab region. Any threat to it is a threat to Egyptian and Arab national security,” Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said in a speech at the 157th session of the Council of the League of Arab States.

He welcomed the recent UN Security Council resolution on Yemen, which included condemning attacks by the Iran-backed Houthi militia against Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and calling for their “immediate cessation.”

Shoukry reiterated Egypt’s support for “all efforts aimed at reaching a quick and peaceful settlement in Yemen based on Security Council resolutions, the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanisms, and the outcomes of the comprehensive national dialogue, in a manner that preserves Yemen’s unity and the independence of its decisions.”

He stressed the need to prevent “the will of Yemen being subject to regional powers that seek to expand their influence at the expense of Arab national security, and to allow immediate treatment of the difficult humanitarian conditions suffered by the brotherly Yemeni people.”