The Mitsotakis government escalates its hostility towards Russia and puts Greece in thecrosshairsas it decided to close Greek airspace to Russian aircraft for three months.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announces that an aviation directive (notam) has been issued to prohibit Russian aircraft from flying in the National Airspace of Greece. The aviation directive banning the use of Greek National Airspace by Russian carriers is being implemented following the decision of the European Union to close its airspace to the Russian Federation.

In particular, the notam provides the following:

* Russian-owned, Russian-operated or Russian-controlled aircraft, including private jets, are prohibited from landing, taking off, entering or transiting the National Airspace of Greece.

*Excluded from the aviation directive are flights of humanitarian interest, hospital flights and flights for search and rescue purposes with the approval of the Greek government, as well as all flights of aircraft in an emergency situation.

*The notam will have a three-month duration and is already in force from today, Monday 28 February 2022.

It is at least an oxymoron that the government closes the airspace to Russian aircraft but at the same time Turkish fighters and drones violate it daily and fly over Greek territory.

Actions for which Turkey remains unpunished by the EU and NATO.