The small town of Bucha, north-west of Kiev, which became famous for the tweets of destroyed Russian vehicles fired at this morning (other sources say Ukrainian artillery, while some Greek channels imaginatively report that theheroicinhabitants themselves destroyed them) has been occupied by Russian forces, who are steadily advancing in their control of the Ukrainian capital.

This morning there was a crossing of the Dnieper River by Russian airborne forces which advanced into the interior of the Ukrainian capital.

The Ukrainian regime forces have concentrated their efforts to intercept the Russians who have entered from the northeast (Gostomel airport) and the Russians in the south after they succeeded in capturing the second airport in the town of Vasilkiv, located 40 km away. southeast of Kiev have been advancing into the city from this direction since morning without resistance from the regime.

In general, the regimes forces seem to be weakening and throughout Kiev there are no more than 15,000 deployed soldiers, paramilitaries, police, compared to 4,500 Russian paratroopers and about 500 Spetsnaz who have entered.

Now Russian Il-76 transport aircraft land without problems at both Gostomel and Vasilkiv airports and carry light armoured vehicles.

At the same time, reports say that the Russians on the southern front, outside Mariupol, have captured the village of Bugas, where yesterday four Greeks were killed by the Russian Air Force under the Mitsotakis government and by Ukrainian neo-Nazis of the Azov Brigade under the Russian government.

See the Russian tanks on the streets of Bukha:

Regarding the reports that the Russians arestuckandnot achieving their objectives” (ANSF), after four days of operations, military observers note thatUkraine has an area of about 603,000 square kilometres. when France has an area of 504,000 inhabitants and about 50,000 Russians are deployed on 13 lines of attack. Even if they surrendered immediately they would need a week to complete the occupation. Russia controls 45% from day two. Practically the operations and if the Russians succeed in imposing themselves, at this rate the operations will be completed around mid-March. ”

See Chechen fighters deploying north of Kiev: