Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has sent a new message to the Ukrainian people and expressed his intention to talk to Russia, even on the terms set by Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, he said he was disheartened after a series of talks with Western leaders, noting that they had left Ukraine to fight on its own. “Nobody is fighting on our side, they left Ukraine alone to face Russia.

I ask them, ‘Are you with us? They say they are with us, but they are not ready to take us into the [NATO] military alliance. Everyone is afraid of them,” he added.

But we are not afraid,” he said, stressing that he will defend his country.

Tradition in Russia?

At this point, however, his statement that Kiev is not afraid to talk aboutneutral status, backing down from plans for NATO membership, as demanded by Russia, is surprising. “We are not afraid to talk about neutral status, we are not in NATO. But what kind of guarantees will we have and which countries will provide them?” he asked.

It should be noted that a few hours ago, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow is ready to negotiate the terms of Ukraines surrender, while at the same time making public thered linesset by Putin.

The President is ready to state what he expects from Ukraine, drawing the red line on the problems that have arisen. The Russian presidencys proposals are for a neutral regime and the demilitarisation of the country,” Peskov said.

It is clear that the Russians want an unconditional (Ukrainian) surrender which will end not only the war, but also the term of the Ukrainian government and the Zelensky presidency this is what the termneutral regimemeans. The other part, the termdemilitarisationof Ukraine, means ending the flirtation with NATO and its arming by the Americans at the political level, and its definitive withdrawal from the West.

Earlier, a group of Ukrainian MPs asked the President to start negotiations with Moscow in order to end the war.

Millions of our fellow citizens are striving for a peaceful life,” says the group of MEPs, led by Vadim Nowinski.

137 dead and 316 injured

At the same time, Zelensky in his message announced that 137 people had died on the first day of the Russian military operation, including 10 army officers and several civilians. At least 316 were injured.

Zelensky expressed his intention to remain in Kiev despite the fact that the Russian army is only a breath away from invading the city.

I will remain at the government residence in Kiev together with other government officials. According to the information available, the enemy has made me the number one target and my family the number two. ”

He also said that he has information that Russian saboteurs acting as a precursor to the big attack are inside the city of Kiev.

General conscription

Referring to the general mobilisation he had declared earlier, he put his hopes in the Ukrainian army and people.

It is noted that the document published on the state website states thatin connection with the Russian military operation on the territory of Ukraine and in order to ensure state defense, to maintain combat readiness and mobilization of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations, on the proposal of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine [. . . ] the President decided to announce a general mobilisation. ”

Recalling the martial law rules that have been declared in the country, official Daniil Menshikov said that due to martial law, men aged 18-60 will not be allowed to leave the country.

Please do not panic and do not cross the border without permission,” he added.