Turkeys Foreign Ministry says it condemns Russias actions in Ukraine, but rejected Kievs request to close the Bosphorus straits.

Specifically, regarding Kievs request to Ankara to close the Bosphorus straits for Russian warships, it is a very difficult decision for Turkey and sources said that freedom of navigation must be maintained.

The statement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry

We consider the military operation launched by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation against Ukraine unacceptable and we reject it. This attack, in addition to destroying the Minsk agreements, is a serious violation of international law and poses a serious threat to the security of our region and the world,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Turkey, which believes that the territorial integrity and sovereignty of countries must be respected, is against changing borders with weapons. We call on the Russian Federation to stop this unjust and illegal act as soon as possible. Our support for the political unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine will continue,” the statement added.