Poland has called for the activation of NATO Article 4 on Russian intervention in Ukraine.

In particular, the Polish government announced that it has asked NATO to activate Article 4 of the Alliances treaty, which provides for consultations in the event of a threat to the security of one of its members following the Russian attack on Ukraine.

A minute ago the (Polish) ambassador in Brussels submitted such a request to the NATO secretary general, with a group of allies,” Polish government spokesman Piotr Miller said, referring to Russian intervention in Ukraine.

Polish President Andrei Duda convened a meeting this morning of the government, military commanders and heads of various public services of this NATO country bordering Ukraine.

The ambassadors of the 30 NATO member countries will meet urgently this morning in Brussels, a spokesman for the alliance said.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg will hold a press conference at around 13:30 (Greek time), according to the same source.