The head of the Donetsk Peoples Republic, Denis Pusilin, announced that the military operation to retake the entire Donbass region (which includes Donetsk and Lugansk) “will soon be over, as Ukrainian soldiers are already retreating and withdrawing from the entire region.

According to defencenet. ru, the operation in Donetsk with the assistance of the Russian Army has been completed and the whole territory of Donbass, even the western regions of Donetsk and Luhansk have passed into the control of the Russian-speaking people at 100%.

As he said, the operation will soon come to an end, declaring that the cities of Donbasswill be liberated.

He also reported that the headquarters of the Ukrainian special forces in Donbass has been almost destroyed. The Russian-speakers confirm that Moscow has only one goal: the security of the Russian-speakers in Ukraine, which due to Kievs decision to purge the Russian-speakers changed all the facts and Russias initial intention not to proceed with a large-scale operation, as Anastasios Gkouriotis said in an article in

The Ukrainians are leaving

Units and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are abandoning their positions, leaving their weapons without being attacked, according to the Russian Ministry of Defence.

As he also made clear, the Russian armed forces are not striking Ukrainian cities and nothing is threatening the civilian population.

High-precision weapons target only military infrastructure, air defence facilities, military airfields and the aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he made clear.

Finally, the Russian Ministry of Defence described the statements of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the alleged losses of Russian aircraft and armoured vehicles as false.