Inlightning-fastmoves, Russia has neutralised all of Ukraines air defence assets, according to theνRussian Defence Ministry.

The military infrastructure of Ukrainian military air bases has been put out of operation,” the Russian Defence Ministry said in a statement.

The air cannons of the armed forces of Ukraine have been neutralised,” it says.

Still, the Russian Ministry of Defence points out thatthe cross-border services are not showing any resistance.

The Russian Defence Ministry said that precision weapons were used to neutralise Ukrainian military infrastructure and air forces, stressing that there was no threat to the civilian population. At the same time, the Ukrainian military announced today that it had shot down five Russian army aircraft and helicopter in the east of the country, which were involved in the military operation against Kiev.

For its part, the Russian Defence Ministry denied this, stressing that these reportsdo not correspond to reality.

Tanks cross into Ukraine from Belarus

According to the first images broadcast by international television networks, tanks are crossing from Belarus into Ukrainian territory.

Ukrainian border guards claim to be attacked along the border by Belarus, Russia and even Crimea.