Russian long-range bombers carried out a mock bombing campaign against NATO ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

Specifically, a pair of Russian Tu-22M3 long-range strategic bombers, accompanied by a group of Russian Aerospace Forces fighters, practiced strikes against NATO naval strike groups and Alliance naval bases in the Mediterranean.

This is suggested by the fact that the Russian bombers were armed with Kh-32 supersonic cruise missiles.

Despite the fact that Russia carried out the exercises in NATOs “backyard, no country of the North Atlantic Alliance even attempted to interrupt the flight of Russian bombers, knowing full well that such a provocation could lead to extremely serious consequences.

The unexpected appearance of Russian Tu-22M3 bombers in Syria was a very good reminder to NATO that, if necessary, Russia can not only protect its military bases before the Alliance ships come within attack range, but if necessary, Russia can control most of the Mediterranean. Sea, which until recently in the West was considered a completely controlled area, notes a Russian source.