Attacks on climbers in Colombia continue, killing three people.

Two people, a military officer and a civilian, were killed yesterday, Wednesday, in an explosive attack at the entrance to an army base in Colombia, authorities said. The explosion occurred in Granada, a city in the prefecture of Meta (south). “There was an attack on the facilities of the 21st battalion,” Hernan Gomes, a local government official, told the press.

Unfortunately, one soldier and one civilian lost their lives,” he added. Five other soldiers were injured by shrapnel. It remains unclear whether the assailant was killed. According to General Antonio Beltran, a tricycle attempted to infiltrate the base before being blown up. The driver was a member of a group of defectors from the former rebel group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) that rejects the 2016 peace agreement, according to the top officer.

The soldier, who lost his life, prevented the vehicle from moving and the explosives from detonating inside the camp, the general explained, condemning thisterrorist act.We will react strongly and arrest those responsible. The death of a soldier makes us suffer,” was the reaction of Defence Minister Diogo Molano via Twitter.

Colombia is facing a resurgence of violence, more than five years after the signing of the peace agreement between the then government and the FARC leadership. The authorities in Granada have imposed a curfew until Thursday morning (local time). “We will not allow Meta to become a battlefield,” Gomez assured.

Some 2,500 fighters, without a unified command, rejected the peace agreement signed in November 2016 that led to the disarmament of some 7,000 FARC fighters and the transformation of Latin Americas largest guerrilla faction into a political party.