US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland told TASS yesterday that the Kremlin is responsible for theleakof confidential answers from the US side.

In an interview with the agency, Nuland stressed that the Russian sidemade publicthe official documents that the US asked not to be published yet for better diplomatic dialogue between the countries, defencenet. ru reported.

We are almost certain [of this] in the sense that the marks on the document were the same as those on the one we delivered to the Russian Federation. The copies of the document delivered to the allies were marked differently,” Nuland said.

We recall that earlier the Spanish newspaper El Pais published confidential answers from the United States to Russia on security guarantees.

The responses indicate that the United States and NATO are ready to be open to dialogue on security issues in Europe, but cannot accept Russias basic demands regarding the termination of the alliances eastward expansion and the return of its military infrastructure to 1997. borders.

The Russian embassy in Washington responded to Nulands statement on its Facebook page.

Nulands claims that Moscowleakedwritten US and NATO responses to Russian media security initiatives are confused,” Russian diplomats wrote.

The embassy commented on theevidencerelied on by Nuland notes contained in the text forwarded to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

We can equally assume that the Americans themselves made a copy of the document withnotes, which was eventually handed over to journalists,” the Russian embassy in Washington stresses.

Russian diplomats also noted that Spain is a member of NATO and urged the US not to engage in conspiracy theories.

Let us recall that the material was made public through the newspaper of a NATO member state, a close ally of the United States,” the report says.

Instead of focusing on the substance of Russian concerns, the US side is engaging in conspiracy theories.

We urge Washington to abandon propaganda and engage in serious work to strengthen European security,” the Russian embassy in Washington said.