The State Department has given permission to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to send US-made missiles and other military equipment to Ukraine, three sources with knowledge of the matter said, as US President Biden believes Russia will try to invade the neighbouring country.

Countries must obtain permission from the State Department before transferring any military equipment received from the US to third countries.

A State Department spokesman confirmed that the US government has approved the transfer of US-made weapons from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Britain to Ukraine, but did not specify the type of weapons.

The US and its allies and partners are working together to provide security assistance in Ukraine. We are in close contact with our partners in Ukraine and our NATO allies and we are currently using every possible tool of security cooperation to help Ukraine strengthen its defences in the face of Russias growing aggression,” the spokesman explained.

The news of the arms transfer approval became known late Wednesday after Biden said during a press conference that Russia would pay a heavy price if it invaded Ukraine.

Meanwhile, yesterday, Wednesday, the US announced the release of 200 million dollars in the form of a new loan. dollars of additional security assistance to Ukraine.

President Bidens administrationapproved last month a provision of 200 million dollars for the construction of a new facility. dollars of additional defense security assistance to our Ukrainian partners,” a senior US official said during US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkens visit to Kiev.

Washington had provided 450 million in military aid. dollars to Kiev before Russian troop movements to the Ukrainian border late last year.