INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) has signed a contract with NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency) for the upgrade of the Greek PATRIOT anti-aircraft systems.

The contract concerns the installation and integration of all modifications of the electronic equipment, as well as the operational control of the system through the upgraded software in its latest version for the control, coordination and communication centres (ECS, ICC, CRG), in all Greek PATRIOT batteries.

The project is a continuation of IDEs extensive participation in the domestic co-production of the Greek PATRIOT systems, thus utilizing in the best possible way the acquired know-how and the established infrastructure, in order to implement the upgrade program in the most cost-effective way, while ensuring the Security of Supply of the Greek PATRIOT systems.

INTRACOM DEFENSEs CEO, Mr. Georgios Truellinos, said, “This project demonstrates the companys ability, in cooperation with a certified network of domestic and international partners, to offer the Greek Armed Forces reliable and competitive production services, subsequent support and future upgrading of the weapon systems supplied.