Russia is seeking appropriate countermeasures to counter the possibility of future US nuclear missile deployment in Ukraine with an equivalent move just off the US coast by placing Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba and Venezuela.

In response to NATOs refusal to negotiate with Russia on non-expansion, it was announced that Russia could actively negotiate the deployment of missile weapons in Cuba and Venezuela.

Evidence of this emerged several weeks ago, and although there is no official confirmation of this information, several curious visits by Russian FSB aircraft to Venezuela and Cuba have been reported in the last two days.

According to information from open sources, yesterday and today a Russian Tu-154M aircraft, probably belonging to the Russian FSB, was seen in the airspace of Venezuela and Cuba.

Exactly who may be on the special flight and for what purpose the visits to these countries were made is unknown, but Russian sources report that they are negotiating the creation of Russian military bases and facilities in Venezuela and Cuba with the prospect of installing Russian offensive weapons.

On the other hand, experts draw attention to the fact that other departments should also be engaged in solving such problems.

Earlier, the Russian side announced that it is ready to give the United States and NATO a very tough response if, during the negotiations on the provision of security guarantees to Russia, the United States and NATO representatives refuse to comply with the demands.

There is a third possible destination, Nicaragua.

It is possible that the deployment of Russian missiles near the US border could force Washington to seriously address such an issue.

But what will be interesting in such a case is the American argumentation as the Russians will then use the arguments that Washington is using now.