Despite statements by Kazakh President Qassim-Jomart Tokayev on therestoration of constitutional order, clashes are raging in many parts of the country with Russian forces undertaking difficult missions which they are successfully carrying out.

Russian paratroopers have defeated the extremists in Alma Ata, while armed Kazakh groups have managed to capture portable air defence systems and threaten to shoot down passenger and transport aircraft!

The extremists managed to capture at least six portable air defence systems in Alma Ata.

According to the ATEO Breaking Telegram channel, gunmen managed to seize six Igla portable anti-aircraft missile systems from the KNB headquarters in Alma Ati.

Given the capabilities of this weapon, landing any aircraft on the territory of Alma Ata airport is now extremely dangerous.

The Kazakh authorities do not comment on the information about the seized air defence systems.

Russian troops who arrived in Kazakhstan successfully carried out an operation to eliminate several hundred militants in the city.

The extremists, including those armed with firearms, attempted to attack the Russian Army and take control of the Alma Ata International Airport, however, as a result of the special operation by Russian forces, the armed groups were defeated.

Some were exterminated, others fled.
Russian forces, together with Kazakh security forces, managed to fully restore control of the citys international airport, and although no details were provided, there are reports that the extremists initially tried to surround Russian forces at the airport, resulting in a military operation against them.

At the moment, the situation in Kazakhstan remains extremely difficult, despite the fact that the extremists have been defeated, the latter are still trying to keep the city under their control.

At this moment, they also have heavy weapons and there is a threat of escalation to full-scale fighting.