According to information released by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, the new Russian-made BMP B-19 tracked armoured fighting vehicle (TOMA) participated in the scenarios of the ZAPAD 2021 military exercise at the Mulino training range in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

The BMP B-19 is the latest version of the BMP-3 tracked armoured fighting vehicle (ATV). The BMP-3s main turret has been removed and replaced by the Epokha, the unmanned armament station developed by the Russian company KPB for the upgraded BMP-3.

On the BMP B-19, all crew members are inside the vehicles hull. The Chief and Gunner have control of all firing functions by operating the remote controlled arming station within the interior of the vehicle.

According to Russian defence sources, the new BMP B-19 could enter active service with the Russian Army in 2022, proelasi. com reports.

During the ZAPAD 21 exercise, BMP B-19 vehicles equipped with the Epocha unit provided support fire to the defending forces of the coalition troops on the main line of defence.

The Russian BMP-3 TOMA entered production in the late 1980s and officially entered service with the Russian Army in 1987.

According to the 2020 Military Balance Sheet, five hundred and forty BMP-3 vehicles are in service with the Russian Army and over 600 have been sold to various countries around the world, such as Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Nicaragua, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Indonesia, Kuwait, Venezuela and South Korea.

The BMP B-19 offers new firepower as it retains the mobility of the basic BMP-3 TOMA. The Epokha turret is armed with a 57 mm gun, four Kornet-EM anti-tank missiles and the new Bulat guided missile system that launches small rockets.

The use of the 57 mm automatic cannon allows the BMP B-19 to be more effective in destroying light armoured vehicles.

The Kornet-EM is an improved version of the basic Kornet anti-tank guided missile featuring an increased range and an improved warhead. It has a maximum range of 8000 metres and can also be used against aerial targets such as helicopters.

The BMP B-19 also features new information and control systems coupled to the armament that offer new capabilities in search, tracking and identification of enemy targets.

The interdisciplinary strategic exercise ZAPAD 21, involving Russian and Belarusian forces, took place at nine training ranges in the Russian Federation, the Baltic Sea, as well as at training ranges of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.